Dan Winter - plagiarism & junk science - updated Feb. 2016


This webpage was set up for the sole purpose to prevent serious events from being a public
platform for plagiarism, distortions and other IP fraud, lies, charlatanism and junk science,
and as a reference for those who consider associating themselves with Dan Winter.

Ironically those having the greatest mental problem with Dan Winter being exposed
form the bulk helping this website hitting top ranks in Google - the "New Age types of
people that are easily woo-ed by junk-science"
(from the quotes below).

As a result, since the creation of this page, the number of public appearances
of Dan Winter has dropped to almost zero. This you can check for yourself on

This is the first and only successfully applied "Implosion" science!

Thanks for visiting!

- Ed.

Dan Winter

This page was taken offline several times to give Dan the chance to
rectify himself, be originally creative himself and respect the original
ideas, efforts and inventions of others. But again and again he returned
to his old habits.

Therefore as of Aug. 2013 this page has been placed online indefinitely.

Meanwhile historic legal case on plagiarism, with backgrounds and testimonials:

History of Heart Coherence research, co-written with
Dr. Rollin McCraty of Institute of HeartMath here.

Dan Winter's literary and scientific sources:

What: Who: Use:
"Starmother" - meaning of Icosa-dodeca stellation as coherent wave ensemble L. Gordon Plummer - "By the Holy Tetractys" Plagiarism *
Sacred Geometry (various concepts) Anne Griswold Tyng - "Geometric extensions of Consciousness" Plagiarism *
"Flameletter" Stan Tenen / Meru Foundation Plagiarism, distortion, disparagement *
Sacred Geometry (various topics) Drunvalo Melchizedek Plagiarism *
"Implosion" Schauberger, Implosions Verein (Germany) Name plagiarized, principle distorted (in "Imploder nozzle")
Galactic history, dna, grail science, Annunaki, etc.. Ashayana Deane; Steward Swerdlow; others Use of concepts and lingo
Heart coherence (physiological coherence) Institute of HeartMath Distortion **
Internal Cardiac Coherence Institute of HeartMath, TrigunaMedia Distortion, false claims of originality **
EEG Internal Coherence TrigunaMedia False claims of originality
Geometric Origin of Color Frank van den Bovenkamp Attempt of plagiarism, distortion
Fractal Syntesizer Frank van den Bovenkamp Plagiarism, distortion
*  www.danwinter.com
** www.heartcoherence.com/history

Complete list of Dan Winter's original work:



Dozens (and counting..) of first hand experiences and testimonials related to Dan Winter's
plagiarism, fraud, junk science and charlatanism
All below quotes have been copied here with the knowledge and consent of the authors

Updated Feb. 2016

".. plus Dan's tendency, repeated for several people, to claim credit for other people's work, including an attempt to claim credit for some of mine, until I requested that he remove reference to my work from his site, which he did".

"Hello, I was given your name by a friend. She said you might be able to give me some advice. Dan Winter is trying to run a blackmail-extortion scam on me. It started when he found out I was working on a Priore device that competed with his cheap knock-off called the Thera-phi. He said he would destroy me, and I have to admit it rattled me. Can you tell me what you would do? I can send you the emails if you like. Thanks,.."

"Thanks for the heads up about Dan, his reputation precedes him, and that is why I was wary from the start, but being forgiving and a tad bit naive and gullible chose to take him at his word and work with him. :( "

A number of years ago, the Germans were alerted to his charlatanism, plagiarism, etc. and canceled his talks. You no longer see him going to Germany. He basically attracts New Age types of people that are easily woo-ed by junk-science".

"I also have to add, to be totally honest, that your story plus another event with Dan [..] is making me reconsider my relationship to him".

"Dan - We don't appreciate you stealing other peoples IP. You have a history of doing this on a repeated basis. You never seem to get it do you? There have been documented issues of you excersing extreme charlatanism in your seminars, CD's, etc. We as scientists do not approve of your charlatanism and your non-scientific ways of promoting your bogus products and ideas. You are a disgrace to the people you once befriended and you are a disgrace to the scientific community. You seem to get an idea in your head and think it is automatically correct without applying scientific standards and principles in order to prove or disprove your hypotheses. I hope that one day you will get off the junk science, stop stealing other people's science (i.e., Frank Van den Bovencamp, Stan Tenen, myself and others) and start to regain your reputation back. You can start doing that once you make amends with your victims".

"Thank you for the notice. In my past experience with Dan Winter I agree fully with you.

"Now I have a greater understanding about this history. Surprisingly, my own experience (which also started in 2001) is quite similar as yours. I'm working on forgiveness and releasing all the acumulated low energetic patterns since these last years. I believe that the best thing is we always can see is the positive achievements in every personal history, no matter how pitiful is was. Go ahead and continue doing so well work you have done to date ;-)"

"Thank you for nailing Dan for the pathetic narcissistic fraud he is. I have stated this for many years.."

"..I have witnessed (and being directly affected by on a number of occassions) a lack of integrity that has become increasingly obvious, and which has manifested as a growing nervousness of association".

"I have no great love for Dan the ego driven man, but I realize over these many years that the main cause of Dan's issues has been his complete failure to acknowledge the efforts of others and what those others bring to the mosaic of scientific advancement. My perception has been that he takes all the credit for every little development with a slash-and-burn attitude - moving on to his next victim as the need arises - all the while having the "I-and-mine syndrome" of an all encompassing ego".

"Dan wants to be the one who discovered everything. No one else counts".

"You summed it up very nicely. You are very accurate in you assesment of Dan Winter and his bad business and scientific practices".

"Such a shame that Dan behaves like this".

"I hear you loud and clear.  I have had multiple similar experiences. What does the Neurogem cost?"

"I have read through your material on him and its plain to see there is a pattern with Dan that follows him wherever he goes. So it is with some regret that I must acknowledge this behaviour. In this light I have informed my business partners accordingly".

"Between you, myself, [..] and a whole host of other victims, we should turn Mr. Winter into the authorities at INTERPOL.  As I told [..], INTERPOL does get involved in intellectual property crimes such as those in which Dan Winter is involved with during most of his adult career".

"I got your message regarding DW and I think we should start forming an anti-DW group. This guy just seems to take the fun out of science!"

"The problem with Dan Winter is he's unpredictable, sucks your energy and evades action".

"Yes, I agree.  If enough people on the internet put out advisories against DW and finally understood what he really is (a charlatan and IP crook) then maybe we can put a dent in his activities.  It would take a tremendous effort as he has a large following already and I really don't have the time nor stamina to deal with it. I guess he will go down by word of mouth through internet channels".

"I read through your pages on Dan and I am disappointed and a bit shocked with his behaviour. In the past I have had inklings but one tends to give the benefit of the doubt".

"You did the right thing in getting your side of the story out. And..... you'll need to get it out more often and maybe in a bigger way to get heard by everyone who should hear it".

"I have worked with or been connected to most all of the usual suspects including Dan Winter, what a clown, sorry for your troubles with him".

"Good to know that you're also not insensitive to gossip and lies. I'd never put up with it myself either!"

"I feel for what you are going through, being a kindred spirit I am one of a growing number of souls that have had to deal with the negative side of dealing with DW".

"As for our mutual friend, Dan, yeah he's a bright guy and he tries real hard, but I wish he'd drop some of his act (the parts you're not too pleased with) as well as some of his Flako Friends! This story of yours clinches it: Dan is ethically challenged".

"OMG those links... OMG OMG OMG " - Jason Haston, elnaschiewatch.blogspot

"I have found various incoherencies in what Dan Winter presents. For which reason I would be most grateful if you could clarify for me the principle of the NeuroGem and the geometric origin of color".

"This certainly sounds like a nasty problem you are dealing with.. Am I to assume now that you and Dan are no longer business partners?"

"Why Dan is so attached to exaggerated claims of his own "EEG power spectra for golden ratio" originality  [..] I am shocked at his blind denial of your seminal creative contributions to a JOINT BODY of work! [..] Assuredly , you possess the incontrovertible proof of your original intellectual property - to defend yourself from his distorted accusations. How willfully misguided Dan appears to be, and how damaging for his reputation and career"

"Dan seems to attract controversy over who is developing what, as I recall from the old Stan and Dan wars"

"First of all well said I have worked along side Dan and had to endure his babble far too often. I have extended the olive branch giving him many opportunities to communicate with other scientists at different conferences to explain in more detail his theories. He continues to be a hurt angry and closed minded individual without ability to communicate in any other words then a repetitive gabble using his own personal terminology".

"I found Dan had a particular angle of view that did not bear challenging".

"My friend and colleague Frank van den Bovenkamp has written the below synopsis of Dan Winter's antics in a way that is so incredibly accurate it amazes me that someone whose primary language is not even English can articulate so well. Frank is 100% correct in his assessment of DW. I was originally attracted to DW's work back in 2005 when I was interested in the Golden Ratio Phi and its significance in physics. At that time I had seen a critical mathematical equation on Dan Winter's website that was due to Frank's work. At that time it was hard for me to discern whether the equation was more Dan's work or Frank's. I, of course finally realized that it was Frank's original work that was placed on DW's website. If I were you, I would heed these warnings from Frank about DW and his tactics.

"The brief history link takes me to a page that really lowers my vibe. It should just be called "Professionals who have worked hard to develop a legitimate product think that Dan Winter is an asshole." [referring to www.heartcoherence.com/history]

"I visited Dan in South-France, but because of the way he behaved and how he deals with science I didn't want to be involved with him any longer".

"I realize now that Winter was only your sales rep, and has since left. But did substantial damage nonetheless. What a unfortunate piece of 'chaos' for this field. Well luckily with all the info available people are now seeing what Winter is really like".